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Western Slope Native American Resource Center (WSNARC).

The Western Slope Native American Resource Center (WSNARC) was founded to provide culturally-responsive services to American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) families living on the Western Slope. Culturally-responsive services were identified as a critical unmet need. By way of initiatory partnership with Casey Family Programs, DIFRC was founded to meet this need through direct services and systems change efforts.

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WSNARC’s mission is to change AI/AN’s lives one family at time.  We seek to strengthen AI/AN children and families through collaborative and culturally-responsive services. We provide services and community programs to families who self-identify as AI/AN on the western slope. Our definition of family includes relatives and close friends in order to recognize the reality for most Native American families. We intend to also serve as a single point of entry for comprehensive, intensive, and collaborative community-based services for AI/AN families.


To create a resource center where all AI/AN people can come to learn about and receive off reservation resources that are available to them. We are all related and should live in harmony with the earth, we should all walk in beauty and help find what special gift was given to each of us.  



  • Equity:  All people are created equal. American Indians (AI)/Alaskan Natives (AN) have often in the past been treated as less than equal. Tribal members have been often deprived of resources that other Coloradans have had for decades and proactive work is necessary to remedy this wrong.

  • Respect: Respect the current culture of each individual family while exposing them to traditions that might have been lost since leaving the reservation. Empower families to heal from trauma and neglect.  

  • Tradition:  Medical and non-medical care should be provided in keeping with the traditions and belief systems of the Tribe.  Develop public awareness campaigns to expose other people to the traditions of the AI/AN. 

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